Trauma Treatment in Wethersfield, CT

we help teens and adults address trauma and find joy again

Trauma counseling with a licensed therapist can help

As much as you carry on, your body is starting to speak up. The headaches are real, the twitching in the eye pops up randomly, and then there are the times when you feel suffocated and can’t catch your breath. You get lost in your day, moving through the motions. You check out, staring off into space or  finding yourself driving, forgetting how you got somewhere or where you are doing. Your nights are a recurrence of stressful memories or dreams that never let you rest. 

You’ve gone through something terrible, maybe even traumatic, that has rocked your world and can’t seem to figure out how to move forward. You find yourself going through the motions every day, on edge worried and anxious and that gut punch feeling just won’t go away; yet, you still have to make it to work, walk the dog, feed your children, be a functioning member of society, etc.

Trauma therapy can change your life

Our licensed therapists are experts in helping teens and adults who have faced trauma, whether a one time event or ongoing events. Our team is trained to help you find ways to cope when these things happen, teach you skills to use when you need them, and process these emotions and memories from your traumatic experience(s) So that you can find relief and stop living in a state of fear, worry and anxiety.

We will help you find light again, find that joy that you once had.  We will help you face the traumas that you have experienced and find ways to help you recognize triggers to the events and find ways for you to cope and heal.  We want you to go to work feeling energized, sleep better without panic, and live a meaningful life that is true to you.

Trauma Counseling is available to you, from anywhere in Connecticut

If you no longer want to face the day alone, if you want to break free from what has happened to you and to redefine what a good life can look like, call today for an appointment at our Wethersfield Counseling offices or to schedule an online trauma counseling session.