I'm Kari Ann Greaves, LADC, the owner of Reflections Counseling Services

Has stuff been happening in your life for a while and drugs and alcohol has helped you numb out, but now you find yourself using to maintain, feeling overwhelmed, and it has come to the surface that you need help?

As an addiction specialist, I am here to help you reflect back on pain and feelings that have led to your substance use and support you in taking the plunge into a sober life.  People are always learning and changing in life and I know that you are capable of making changes.  It may feel scary and there could be fear of the unknown, but I am here to help you.  You may feel judged by others and scared.  You may still be thinking about change or someone or an event that has recently occurred has led up to your call to me.  I’m here to tell you it is ok and that we can work together to find ways to help you heal without using drugs and alcohol.  My clients say when they walk into the office, they feel at ease and more calm. They also know they can say whatever they want and not feel judged.

My work focuses on providing counseling and support services focuses on using your strength and helping you find solutions to those everyday problems that are affecting you and your recovery.  I will check in with you, help you build goals for change, and we will work on identifying those obstacles that can get in the way of being your true self.  My 15 years of experience have provided me with a strong foundation to be able to meet your needs and understand the anxiety, mood changes, and relationship problems with family and significant others that coincide with substance abuse and addiction.

As the owner and director of Reflections Counseling and Consulting Services, I hand select each therapist for you based on their expertise to help you in your healing process. Please contact me with any questions and to schedule an appointment.