Counseling for Millenials in Wethersfield, CT

do you need understanding and help without judgement?

Therapy for Millenials is here to help. Another lame day at work means another day wondering about what you should do with your life. You want your life to have meaning and purpose, but you also don’t know how to make that happen and still not fit into the boxes that society has already created. You have so many ideas from becoming more nomadic, traveling, or starting a business, to going back to school to pivot careers but the ideas never move beyond getting stuck in your head. You’re tired of just talking about stuff and want to make your life actually take shape.

Dating is a constant cycle of settling for people who aren't a good fit which leads it to fizzling out only to find another person who is clingy and needy.

Your relationship with your family is stressed. They have such high expectations that you never can seem to meet and are always asking about if you found “the one.”

We help millennials and young adults who are feeling anxious, unsure, and struggling with finding direction in their lives.

Whether you haven’t thought about or finished college or have a degree and aren’t using it, we will help you find your strengths and vision and bring it to the surface. We use approaches that will help you bring out those inner voices and anxieties and work through them so you gain the reassurance and direction that will help you be successful and feel secure and confident about YOU.

If you are tired of feeling bored in your life and want to find meaning in who you are, let's talk.

We have therapists who specialize in working with young adults and millennials in our Wethersfield office. We look forward to watching your vision come to fruition.