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Laura Soroka, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Laura Soroka helps teens and adults find the light at the end of the tunnel. You will learn how to make positive changes and cope with anxiety in our Wethersfield office and online throughout CT.

It can feel like the pain will never end. There has been no light at the end of the tunnel for some time. The depression and anxiety, past pains have become barriers to your happiness and it’s easy to feel utterly alone in it all.

I help teens and adults find the opportunities in the darkness that they haven’t been able to find on their own. Together we understand the past, tackle the thoughts that keep you feeling stuck and help you discover your strengths so you can be empowered to handle the challenges in life long after your time in therapy with me.

My clients often say that when they worked with me it’s the first time they never felt judged in their life. You are accepted here, regardless of your race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality or ability. There is nothing so wild or strange or wrong that can’t be shared, especially when it comes to what goes through your mind. Expect to be heard but also challenged to discover how truly strong you are.

If you are ready to find the light at the end of the tunnel and learn how you can regain your power to make changes for the better, contact us today.

Jessica Prisk, MSW, LADC
Master of Social Work, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Jessica is passionate about helping teens and adults navigate addiction recovery and get back on track to enjoy life. You can live a meaningful and purposeful life in recovery!

Life can have a weird way of throwing you things that are difficult to handle and sometimes the only way to cope is by drinking or using drugs.  Next thing you know, you have become lost and are now realizing that using substances is where you turn when feelings take over and all you want to do is feel numb or not face the pain and struggle.  You are in a place where you now recognize this has not only impacted you but also your loved ones and are ready to talk about it with someone.  

I help teens and adults process why they turn to unhealthy habits and use drugs or drink.  I listen to you, you feel heard, supported, and most of all- not alone.  We come up with a plan together to help you cope and find joy in the things you used to do.  We find ways to manage difficult thoughts and feelings and you will start to build and improve relationships back into your life.  


I am passionate about helping you through these difficult times and ready to help you get back on track to enjoying life and supporting you.  You can live a meaningful and purposeful life in recovery! 

If you are ready to gain support and guidance on your recovery journey, contact Jessica here.  

Sabrina Aliano LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Sabrina is here to help you through pain to find purpose and meaning, so you can start enjoying everyday life rather than stressing, dwelling, or feeling like you're stuck in fight or flight mode.

It’s really easy to go day to day filling up your time with work, social commitments, meetings, projects, running from here to there but overall, what you are doing is avoiding.  Avoiding the thoughts of facing that sad feeling deep down, the lonely piece of thinking others don’t understand you, having to always “be on point and together,” yet on the inside you have crippling anxiety over messing up or not being “perfect.”  You find yourself up at night worrying about things because during the day it’s easy to block these thoughts and feelings.  


I am here to help you face this pain and work through it together to find purpose and meaning into what you want for yourself.  Let’s take this opportunity together to learn about you and how you function day to day and find ways to bring back time and positive energy so you can enjoy the moments you have and not always feel as if you are in fight or flight mode.  


I use authenticity and humor in my work with you as we build the strong foundation for your life.  You will feel supported, held, and empowered instead of burnt out and anxious.  


If you are ready to take a pause and find a life full of purpose and mindful moments, please reach out to Sabrina here

Loly Gallego, LADC
Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Bianca Carrero, LPC-A
Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

Carly Sundel, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Want a little humor in the midst of the tears? Carly helps both you and your teen feel lighter and happier in our office and through telehealth sessions in CT.

Your teen has been struggling with depression, anxiety. They isolate in their room all day, mumble responses to your questions and little by little you watch your child fall deeper into a dark hole of sadness. You’ve tried talking to them, getting them to do other activities, inviting friends over and nothing seems to work.

I help teens and their parents get the support they need to not only shift communication to being more honest and open but helping your teen through the depression and anxiety they feel so it no longer takes over their lives and the life of the family. My clients say they feel not only heard through therapy but they are empowered to make changes and feel more confident in doing so.

You expect some humor in the midst of the tears, some “aha” moments for both you and your teen and some skills to take home and use every day to make life a little lighter and happier.

If you are ready to work through the depression and anxiety to discover a better family life on the other side of it all, get in touch today!

Jordan Roberts, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

We're excited to welcome Jordan Roberts to our team! More information from Jordan is coming soon.

It can be difficult to feel alone all the time and disconnected from others or even questioning your relationships with partners and friends.  You are not sure where to ask for help or how to communicate your needs and feelings and tend to withdraw or isolate yourself to avoid the conflict.  

I help teens, adults, and couples feel seen and heard when they are in session with me.  My clients are supported, welcomed, and feel safe talking about their thoughts and feelings and learn how to share them with others and advocate for their needs in relationships.  

I value witnessing the passion and insight my clients receive from therapy and love watching them gain insight into patterns from behaviors and how they change the cycle moving forward to ensure they have their needs met.  

If you are ready to feel connected, supported, and welcomed with open arms, please contact Jordan here.

Michelle Sarofin, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Michelle helps teens and adolescents cope with school struggles, anxiety, self injury and trauma in our Wethersfield office.

Info coming soon…

Carisa Sanchez, LMSW
Licensed Master Social Worker

Nicole Berozsky, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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