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Laura Soroka, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Laura Soroka helps teens and adults find the light at the end of the tunnel. You will learn how to make positive changes and cope with anxiety in our Wethersfield office and online throughout CT.

It can feel like the pain will never end. There has been no light at the end of the tunnel for some time. The depression and anxiety, past pains have become barriers to your happiness and it’s easy to feel utterly alone in it all.

I help teens and adults find the opportunities in the darkness that they haven’t been able to find on their own. Together we understand the past, tackle the thoughts that keep you feeling stuck and help you discover your strengths so you can be empowered to handle the challenges in life long after your time in therapy with me.

My clients often say that when they worked with me it’s the first time they never felt judged in their life. You are accepted here, regardless of your race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality or ability. There is nothing so wild or strange or wrong that can’t be shared, especially when it comes to what goes through your mind. Expect to be heard but also challenged to discover how truly strong you are.

If you are ready to find the light at the end of the tunnel and learn how you can regain your power to make changes for the better, contact us today.

Audrey Krawiec, LPC-A
Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

Audrey works with teens and adults who are experiencing anxiety, depression, and developing unhealthy coping mechanisms.

I am really passionate about my work and helping my clients. I love motivating people with my positive and energetic attitude. I believe therapy is holistic and I work with clients on multiple dimensions including mind, body, and soul. I am respectful, compassionate, and empathetic to the uniqueness of the individual and the challenges they are facing.

I primarily utilize client-centered, solution and strengths-focused, techniques throughout my sessions, and am a very interactive counselor, working as a team with my clients.

I provide a safe and comfortable environment for my clients to be able to process difficult feelings and help them to feel validated and heard. Every one of my sessions is unique and focused on the individual. Together we work as a team to address life stressors and challenges.

If you’re ready to feel empowered and build resilience through positive coping skills, contact Audrey here.

Carisa Sanchez, LADC, LMSW
Licensed Master Social Worker
Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Carisa helps adults work through transitions in life and supports them in their recovery. 

When life becomes a crisis and every little thing makes you feel triggered, everything can start to feel out of control and overwhelming.  You are either feeling in limbo or feeling stuck dealing with a transition that you do not have control over.  You start using drugs and alcohol to numb these feelings.  You start to hide from loved ones or find yourself snapping at people as if you are a ruler bent to the point of snapping in half.  

I help adults in their recovery journey by letting them take me on their journey through the pain so that I can help you slowly regain the strengths you forgot you have.  I will help you gain confidence and find coping skills that are not going to numb you out from life and relationships. I will encourage you to advocate for your needs and increase vulnerability with loved ones.  

I value you trusting me with your life when it feels so chaotic and unbalanced.  I am a listening ear and strong advocate for you!  My hope is that all those I work with feel safe to be their unapologetic selves and enjoy witnessing the change process that leads to strength and growth.  

If you are ready to feel more relaxed, decrease your substance use, and find your strength again, please contact Carisa here.

Erica Amato, LMSW

Erica works with teens and young adults supporting them through anxiety, depression, and life transitions.

I help teens and young adults feel comfortable talking about uncomfortable feelings related to anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. My clients’ safety and comfort are my ultimate priority as I want you to feel safe and secure.

I’ll help you work through life and learn coping skills to understand that depression and anxiety don’t need to dictate your life any longer, and together, we’ll help you overcome the intrusive thoughts plaguing your mind.

I’ll make you feel comfortable in our sessions, and I hope you’ll leave feeling lighter, with an increase in self-confidence after every meeting.

Outside of work, I enjoy exercising, listening to music, spending time with my loved ones, and being outdoors.

If you are ready to feel lighter and confident, please contact Erica here.

Dalila Acosta, LMSW

Dalila works with adolescents and young adults, especially those in high school and college, helping them to feel seen and heard.

I enjoy using a strengths-based approach that focuses on the client’s needs and strengths within the context of their environment. I believe it is important to meet each client where they are to tailor treatment plans to their unique needs. 

While it is sometimes hard for clients to be vulnerable, it is truly a sign of progress. If a client is willing and able to share painful moments, I take this as a sign that they are comfortable in therapy and willing to do the inner work to make change happen.

I enjoy working with teens and young adults because I feel that it is impactful work that sets them up on a healthy trajectory with the skills to live happy, healthy, safe, and productive lives- in all areas. 

If you feel Dalila is the right fit for you, contact her here.

Veronica Adamita, LPC-A

Veronica works with patients ages 18+ dealing with substance use, depression, and anxiety.

Struggling with substance use, navigating the complexities of adulthood, or witnessing your teen wrestle with mental health challenges can feel isolating and overwhelming. You or your teen are turning to drugs and alcohol to numb yourself to the reality that’s in front of you, and it soon consumes the life that you live.

I provide a safe space where adults and teens can feel heard, seen, and appreciated for who they are. Don’t think of me as a therapist but a collaborator to work alongside you to help you reach your goals. We navigate the complexities of mental health and substance use and how it relates to physical health, relationships, careers, and every other aspect of your lives.

My approach is rooted in empathy, my goal is to understand where you are in your journey and provide you with the support YOU need. While we work together I want to see growth in confidence, abilities, and pride in your accomplishments.

If you’re ready to break free from the grip of addiction, anxiety, or depression, and start working towards healing and growth, reach out today.

Alexandra Carreira, LPC-A

Alex works with teens and adults struggling in their everyday personal lives.

I help teens and adults find their voice and their confidence while navigating life’s hardships.

I truly believe in creating a positive environment that gives you space to work through your challenges along with the opportunity to hear feedback and be supported.

Whether you’re struggling with life transitions, anxiety, depression, or have thoughts of self-injurious behavior, I’ll work with you to move past these negative feelings and toward a space where you feel empowered to conquer your negative thoughts.

With me, you’ll guide what you need in each session to make progress in the areas that you want to change most. I’ve seen clients be vulnerable and express emotions they have suppressed for awhile, and will never make you feel wrong for doing so. 

If you’re ready to, leave your session feeling a weight getting lifted off your shoulders, contact Alex here.

Patrick Ciardullo, LPC-A

Patrick works with clients to help them overcome life transitions and anxiety.

Transitioning through the challenges that life throws at you, struggling with anxiety, or navigating grief can feel lonely. I’m here to tell you, you’re not alone.

With over two decades as a first responder, I’ve witnessed firsthand the resilience people have in the face of adversity. I’m here to support you by offering attentive, active listening and a safe space where you can authentically express yourself. It’s an honor that you’re willing to allow me to hold space for your pain and guide you through the process of healing. My approach is rooted in empathy, and I work to create a non-judgmental space to empower you to be your authentic self.

Coming from my own experiences with OCD and GAD, I understand the complexities of living with anxiety. We’ll explore strategies to navigate through the challenges life throws at you while nurturing your well-being.

If you’re ready to work towards healing and empowerment, I’m here to support you every step of the way. Please contact Patrick here.

Lucetia Dennis, LMSW

Lucetia brings an empathetic and compassionate approach to her client work.

With me, there is a level of comfort in a non-judgment zone that is truly unique to her sessions.

I work with you to meet you where you are and to establish a rapport that will allow us to get where you need to be in your healing journey.

No matter what obstacles you or your child may be facing, I’m here to help you navigate how to work through them and improve your quality of life. Contact Lucetia here.

Josica Johnson, LMSW

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