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Laura Soroka, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Laura Soroka helps teens and adults find the light at the end of the tunnel. You will learn how to make positive changes and cope with anxiety in our Wethersfield office and online throughout CT.

It can feel like the pain will never end. There has been no light at the end of the tunnel for some time. The depression and anxiety, past pains have become barriers to your happiness and it’s easy to feel utterly alone in it all.

I help teens and adults find the opportunities in the darkness that they haven’t been able to find on their own. Together we understand the past, tackle the thoughts that keep you feeling stuck and help you discover your strengths so you can be empowered to handle the challenges in life long after your time in therapy with me.

My clients often say that when they worked with me it’s the first time they never felt judged in their life. You are accepted here, regardless of your race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality or ability. There is nothing so wild or strange or wrong that can’t be shared, especially when it comes to what goes through your mind. Expect to be heard but also challenged to discover how truly strong you are.

If you are ready to find the light at the end of the tunnel and learn how you can regain your power to make changes for the better, contact us today.

Bianca Carrero, LPC-A
Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or like you can't enjoy the moment? Bianca helps kids, teens, and adults manage stress and form more meaningful relationships.

Bianca helps kids, teens, and adults manage stress build healthier habits. 

You are feeling shut down with little to no motivation due to feeling pressured by everyone around you.  You are struggling with sleep, either too little or too much and always attached to your phone scrolling through social media wondering if you missed something or looking for something to make you feel better.  You are in conversations with others but your thoughts are drifting and next thing you know, the person you are talking to is irritated because you are not listening or engaged with them. 

I help kids, teens, and adults get to the root cause of what is causing the pressure, stress, and overwhelm you are feeling. We identify the stressors and work together to establish positive coping strategies to help you feel better and feel more engaged in your connections with others.  

If you are ready to stop scrolling and have more meaningful conversations with loved ones and friends, please contact Bianca here.

Carly Sundel, LCSW
Clinical Supervisor
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Want a little humor in the midst of the tears? Carly helps both you and your teen feel lighter and happier in our office and through telehealth sessions in CT.

Your teen has been struggling with depression, anxiety. They isolate in their room all day, mumble responses to your questions and little by little you watch your child fall deeper into a dark hole of sadness. You’ve tried talking to them, getting them to do other activities, inviting friends over and nothing seems to work.

I help teens and their parents get the support they need to not only shift communication to being more honest and open but helping your teen through the depression and anxiety they feel so it no longer takes over their lives and the life of the family. My clients say they feel not only heard through therapy but they are empowered to make changes and feel more confident in doing so.

You expect some humor in the midst of the tears, some “aha” moments for both you and your teen and some skills to take home and use every day to make life a little lighter and happier.

If you are ready to work through the depression and anxiety to discover a better family life on the other side of it all, get in touch today!

Anna Bryant, LPC-A
Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

Anna helps children and their parents and caregivers create healthy coping strategies, manage stress, and build healthier relationships.

Being a parent can be one of the most rewarding yet scariest times of your life.  You have these beautiful children and then as they start to grow up, you want to protect them from all of the ugly in the world but also open up their eyes to all the beauty and kindness there is.  

Then one day, there’s this seed planted in your mind when you start to see your child struggle with confidence, anxiety, or stress. The distraction in your mind starts to get bigger as you see your child struggling and throwing tantrums.  Then you find yourself yelling and screaming right along with them.  The loss of control makes you feel horrible and you plan to do better the next day or time this happens. 

I help your children and also the parents and caregivers find the root cause of the unhappiness and chaos in the home.  I help them find coping strategies for everyone to connect again and enjoy each other.  I use play therapy with children to help connect with them, gain their trust, and laugh with them.  I like utilizing play therapy because I believe that providing children with healthy adult attachments/relationships, while getting on a child’s level through play is so powerful and intrinsically healing. 

I help parents and caregivers find ways to manage the stress of daily life and express empathy for the pain they experience while taking care of others who are struggling.  I enjoy seeing you  grow in empowerment, self-awareness, and understanding of relationships as you work with me. 

If you are ready to untangle the stress and learn more about finding the beauty and kindness you entered this world with, please schedule an appointment with Anna here.

Jennifer Paradis, LMSW
Licensed Master Social Worker

Jennifer's bio is coming soon!

Audrey Krawiec, LPC-A
Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

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Nicole Berozsky, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Nicole helps teens, adults and families navigate anxiety and depression by providing support and validation.  

Anxiety and depression can feel isolating and heavy.  You may walk around feeling as if you have weights on your shoulders as you carry your stress and sadness with you throughout the day.  Your family members make comments like “just get up and exercise” or “snap out of it.”  The feedback is not helpful and makes you feel as if no one can hear your or understand your pain.  

I help teens and adults manage uncomfortable feelings related to anxiety and depression by providing a warm space to sit back, relax, and feel heard and validated.  You will learn how to challenge your negative thoughts and behaviors outside of the therapy space by using a list of tools we create together.  I hold space for you, it’s a judgment-free environment where you can express all of your feelings and pour them all out of your mind.  

I let you prioritize what you want to work on in your sessions, validate your thoughts and feelings, and help you come up with an individualized plan that is going to help you feel better.  I may even tell a joke or two and we can smile together and reflect on progress and thoughts together.  

If you are ready to feel supported, heard, and validated while working on your goals, please contact Nicole here.

Carisa Sanchez, LADC, LMSW
Licensed Master Social Worker
Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Carisa helps adults work through transitions in life and supports them in their recovery. 

When life becomes a crisis and every little thing makes you feel triggered, everything can start to feel out of control and overwhelming.  You are either feeling in limbo or feeling stuck dealing with a transition that you do not have control over.  You start using drugs and alcohol to numb these feelings.  You start to hide from loved ones or find yourself snapping at people as if you are a ruler bent to the point of snapping in half.  

I help adults in their recovery journey by letting them take me on their journey through the pain so that I can help you slowly regain the strengths you forgot you have.  I will help you gain confidence and find coping skills that are not going to numb you out from life and relationships. I will encourage you to advocate for your needs and increase vulnerability with loved ones.  

I value you trusting me with your life when it feels so chaotic and unbalanced.  I am a listening ear and strong advocate for you!  My hope is that all those I work with feel safe to be their unapologetic selves and enjoy witnessing the change process that leads to strength and growth.  

If you are ready to feel more relaxed, decrease your substance use, and find your strength again, please contact Carisa here.

Caitlyn Kranich

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Amanda Gionfriddo, LPC-A

Amanda's bio is coming soon!

Erica Amato, LMSW

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