Child Therapy in Wethersfield, CT

Help your child work through stress, confidence issues, and anxiety and develop healthy coping strategies.

How do you know if your child needs therapy?

Children can be difficult to read, and it can be challenging to determine what’s “just a phase” or real reason for concern. It’s important to look out for behavior that suggests your child is struggling. Some common signs are:

  • They’re feeling anxious or fearful of things that they were once comfortable with, such as going to school or being around other children.


  • They’re throwing temper tantrums more often, and you’re having trouble consoling them.


  • They’ve become excessively clingy or are demonstrating signs of separation anxiety.


  • They’re having trouble at bedtime. Bedwetting, frequent nightmares, or the inability to get to sleep are all signs to check in on your child’s mental health.


  • They’ve become more angry, aggressive, or easily frustrated with family, caregivers, or other children. 


  • You’ve recently had a big change in your household or family and want your child to develop healthy coping strategies. This might be divorce, death of a close relative, a new sibling, moving schools, or another change. 

How child therapy can help...

Improve communication between child and caregivers

Find the root of unhappiness, anger, or anxiety

Help develop self-confidence, awareness, and coping skills

Give you insights to help your child and their mental health

Help your child get the mental health support they need from a licensed child therapist in Wethersfield, CT

Our child therapists use tools like play therapy to communicate with children at an age-appropriate level and help them work through challenges to develop healthier ways to cope. We have immediate availability for child therapy this spring.