Licensed Mental Health Therapist - Wethersfield, Central Connecticut, and telehealth sessions throughout CT

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When you walk into the first session with your ideal client it reaffirms your why in this field. You may be feeling burnt out from agency life, looking for additional income, and looking for something fresh, exciting, and new. You LOVE doing therapy! You are a CT licensed mental health professional, ethical, well trained, and you are pretty good with almost anyone that comes in the door, but with a selective group of clients, you are truly GREAT! The problem is, in your current situation, you don’t get to have those kinds of experiences the way you want… and it is truly starting to wear you down. You want to connect with your clients on a deeper level, have strong clinical relationships, and provide therapy.

You’ve thought about private practice, but the truth is- you don’t want to be a business owner and to carry the stress that comes with that. You get excited about talking to people, sharing what you do, and even enjoy giving a talk to the community from time to time- but you don’t want to be bogged down with running a business!

You’d really love to find a private practice where you made more money than the agency you are working at- but even more than that- you’d like to feel like you were a part of a truly awesome community. You want to be excited about seeing your coworkers, being part of a diverse team where you are valued, be able to have a quick hug or chuckle between sessions, be excited about the clients you are working with, and be glowing at the end of a really hard clinical day because you know you did excellent work.

If this sounds like you, send over your resume, and a written (or video) cover letter. Tell us about the true you, why you'd fit with Reflections, and tell us about those ideal clients with whom you do your most awesome work!