Anxiety Counseling in Wethersfield, CT

we're looking forward to being there for you on your journey

Do you need therapy to address your anxiety?

On the outside, you appear like you have it all together but on the inside, your heart is pounding, palms are always sweaty, the headaches come and go, and you sit with the uneasiness and stomach knots all the time.  You want to say yes to things with family and friends but in your mind, you have too many worries to make a decision.

The self-blame and guilt leave you wondering if people judge you as much as you judge yourself. You can’t seem to ever catch a breath and wish you could hit the pause button on the days flying by. You are overthinking, asking yourself a million questions, and second-guessing everything under the sun. 

Anxiety therapy can help you find that breath again.

Our licensed therapists are experts in helping teens and adults who have struggled with anxiety and stress throughout their lives or as a result of a current situation in their lives.  Our team is trained in special techniques to help you process and use these skills outside of the therapy sessions.  Our hope is for you to feel less tense, breathe better, and feel more focused on being in the moment rather than worrying about the next day or things that may or may not happen. 

We will help you and/or your teen feel lighter and less weighed down by the anxiety and stress so that you can enjoy moments, function better at work and school, and time spent with others. We want you to be able to breathe and accomplish day to day tasks without fears, avoidance, or disruptions.

Anxiety Counseling is available to you, from anywhere in Connecticut

If you no longer want to worry excessively and are ready to say “yes!” to relief.  If you want to enjoy the moments you have with others and feel more present, call today for an appointment at our Wethersfield counseling offices or to schedule an online anxiety counseling session.