Addiction Counseling and Sobriety Support in Wethersfield, CT

we're looking forward to helping you on your recovery journey

Are you struggling with drugs, alcohol, or addiction? Our licensed counselors can help.

Another night after work means another bar and another drink…only to lead to you wake up the next morning hung over and dreading work again. You’ve got friends, you have your family though they irritate you, and you’ve always got the next person lined up on Tinder. You try to pull yourself out of the hole, to cut back on the drinking, to exercise and take better care of yourself, but life gets stressful and your friends want to go out and slowly you slip back into the life that you know all too well.

There’s been a DUI, the fall out with your parents who are tired of bailing you out or your significant other, and work is getting tired of you showing up late. But all of that isn’t you. You are smart. You have direction. You have goals and life lined up that looks great on paper.  But you feel like you don’t know how to get there without a pill or a drink in your hand. Or there’s a deep depression or crippling anxiety that comes up that adds stress and taking that drink or pill makes it go away.

We help people from all walks of life who want to "get it together" and are tired of the headaches and the heartaches that have come from trying to feel happy with who they are and who they have become.

Whether you are in your 20’s and you just want to cut back on the drinking or you’ve been struggling for your entire life, we utilize your life experiences and strengths to help you gain focus on how to make changes to live successfully in recovery.  We use approaches that include helping motivate you to stay clean and support you in change.  We also assist you with identifying solutions to deal with being overwhelmed with these daily stressors.

If you are tired of the addictive patterns in your life and want to finally create a rich and happy life, let's talk.

We have addiction specialists available for appointments in our Wethersfield office and via telehealth.