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When you’re surrounded by darkness, it’s easy to imagine that tomorrow holds more of the same. It’s natural to feel like talking while someone smiles and nods won’t solve anything. That’s what makes our approach unique. Every therapist at Reflections is down-to-earth, compassionate, and deeply qualified to work alongside you as you navigate real problems.

Our mission is to help you reflect without dwelling, face challenges without the fear of failure, and move forward despite what’s happened in the past.

Teen Counseling

Are ready to stop walking on eggshells, help your teen build their self-esteem, and discover their strengths?

Addiction & Recovery

If you are tired of the addictive patterns in your life and want to finally create a rich and happy life, let’s talk.

Millenial Counseling

If you are tired of feeling bored in your life and want to find meaning in who you are, without fear of judgment, let’s talk.

our mission is to create a comfortable counseling environment for healing

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"For every trial and moment in life, ask what can be learned and how you can grow."

Life is not about regretting or resenting the things that have happened to us, it’s about acknowledging the hurt and pain they have caused us. We can’t change them but we can use them to grow and heal. When you reflect on these experiences with a therapist, you will process them, learn more about yourself, and begin the healing process. We will help you find the best version of yourself and meet the aspirations you desire.


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